Live in the moments that matter, learn to ride a horse!



Spotted Pony Ranch



     I work with beginner riders, both adults and children, to become comfortable around horses and help them create a relationship with a horse so they grow to be confident in grooming, handling, and riding. I also work with my students on terminology, safety, and knowledge of equine anatomy while making it fun for the student. I teach both English and Western disciplines on stock or gaited horses, and when a rider is ready for a more advanced level, I will be happy to help them find a new instructor so they can move on and up.

     Private, one-hour lessons are $50.00. Contact me to set up a date and time that will work for you!


The beginning rider will get plenty of personalized, one on one instruction, with lots of hands-on experiences at Spotted Pony Ranch.


There is just something special about watching faces light up on those who want a relationship with horses. That first smile of accomplishment with an equine partner is worth every second to see!




A Little About Me


I've owned horses my entire life, graduated with an Equine Degree from Midway College here in Kentucky, and worked extensively in the Kentucky Thoroughbred industry. I’m not known for specialization in a riding style, so over my 50+ years I have competed in dressage, over fences, APHA all- around events, the Retired Racehorse Project (RRP) in working ranch, flat shod/gaited classes, trail ride/camp recreationally with my horses, and work our own cattle on horseback as well.